About us

Whether the goal is forward, side to side, or backward, we keep you moving in whatever direction you need to move in your life. For us, it’s not the destination, it’s the journey. Getting a prosthesis or custom brace is a life-changing event and our goal is to improve and enhance your everyday life.

While product knowledge has been critical to Seacoast Prosthetics’ success, our passion is people. Our patients have a big say in their care. We are not interested in selling you products. We focus on you as a person first. We take pride in studying latest technologies, but our design and build process is guided by your emotional and physical needs.


Seacoast Prosthetics Founders Chris Croasdale, CP and Chris Phillips, CPO possess more than 25 years of combined experience in fitting and building artificial limbs and custom braces. Working together for almost 20 years, Chris and Chris share more than a first name. They share a passion for patient care.


Chris Phillips

When I was born, I was missing my left leg below the knee, so I kind of grew up in the field. It’s why I can relate to people about the day-to-day struggles wearing a prosthesis. My ability to bond with my patients in this way helps me understand what they are experiencing.

My goal is simple. I want our patients to be successful and feel they’re heard and part of the process. We can work together to create a successful outcome. In talking to people, I find that one thing they love to do and I make sure they are able to do that.

Chris Croasdale

This is a very personal process for everybody. Losing a limb—or its function—is definitely a loss. When we get them walking again, though, it’s not unusual to see people in tears. Many people literally feel life is better than it ever was. It simply doesn’t get much more moving than that.

To achieve such outcomes, we must remain flexible and adapt to changes in technology in a rapidly evolving industry. What I enjoy the most is using these latest technologies in creative ways to achieve a better result than people might expect to achieve. Together with the patient, we redefine what is possible.