We are the only Prosthetic provider within 25 miles of Portsmouth, NH certified to provide both C-Leg and Genium Microprocessor artificial knees as well as Myobock and I-Limb myo-electric artificial arm technology. We further differentiate ourselves in providing prosthetic limbs that are as unique as the people wearing them.

Using the latest technologies, including state-of-the-art digital scanning instead of casting, we produce custom-made prosthetics that get you moving faster and stronger than even you might expect. In many cases, you may just exceed our own expectations.

“There are a lot of prosthetic builders out there and I’ve been to a lot of different ones. With what Chris has done with this leg, I would highly recommend to anybody. Between them both, this is what they came up with and I can get along just fine.”

Prosthetic Services:

Pre-amputation Consultations
Evaluations of existing prostheses
Immediate Post-Op Acute Care and Fittings
Definitive Trans-tibial, Trans-femoral, Hip, Symes, and Partial-foot Prostheses
Upper Extremity Prostheses-Conventional and Myo-electric
Certified for fittings of Microprocessor Knee and Ankle Units
Myo-electric Upper Limb Certified
Custom Artificial Finger and Hand Solutions
Custom Silicone Replacement
High Activity and Sports-Specific Prostheses

We service hospitals, rehabilitation centers, and nursing facilities. We work hard to ensure you receive the best possible artificial foot, knee, arm, leg or any device you need.