We are the only Prosthetic provider within 25 miles of Portsmouth, NH certified to provide both C-Leg and Genium Microprocessor artificial knees as well as Myobock and I-Limb myo-electric artificial arm technology. We further differentiate ourselves in providing prosthetic limbs that are as unique as the people wearing them.

Using the latest technologies, including state-of-the-art digital scanning instead of casting, we produce custom-made prosthetics that get you moving faster and stronger than even you might expect. In many cases, you may just exceed our own expectations.

“There are a lot of prosthetic builders out there and I’ve been to a lot of different ones. With what Chris has done with this leg, I would highly recommend to anybody. Between them both, this is what they came up with and I can get along just fine.”

Prosthetic Services:

Pre-amputation Consultations
No-Cost Initial Evaluations
Immediate Post-Op Care and Fittings
Definitive Trans-tibial and Trans-femoral Prostheses
Upper Extremity Prostheses
Certified in all Microprocessor Knee Units
Certified in Microprocessor Ankle Units
Myo-electric Upper Limb Certified
Custom Artificial Foot and Leg Fittings
Custom Artificial Arm and Shoulder Fittings
Custom Artificial Knee Fittings
Custom Silicone Replacement
High Activity Prostheses

We service hospitals, rehabilitation centers, and nursing facilities. We will even arrange visits with VNA services when necessary. We work hard to ensure you receive the best possible artificial foot, knee, arm, leg or any device you need.