Victoria's Story

In 2006, Victoria developed two very rare neurological conditions at the age of 11 that left her in a vegetative state for nearly four years. Doctors feared she would most likely never wake up again much less move. Defying the odds, she not only awoke, but relearned how to talk, move and eat. She did not, however, regain the use of her legs, which is when she came to see us.

“When I first came here, I was in bad shape. I needed a back brace to sit up and keep my back straight. Whether it was a back brace or knee and leg orthotics, I could pick colors, customize braces to match outfits and not look like a medical device.”

For Victoria, her goal was to “rock” her disability. “Seacoast helps me live by my motto.” She also took our motto—to get moving—to heart in her pursuit of competitive sports. Weightless and free in the water, she not only got back into swimming, but performed so well she qualified for the 2012 London Paralympic Games. Winner of one Gold and three Silver Medals, Victoria is proof, as we would say, that “life is moving.”

At the same time, Victoria is just 20 years old, which means she wants to live life like any young woman.“Seacoast understands the human aspect of it, where I’m coming from and how I want to be perceived…They understand how I want my orthotics to show off who I am.”

Whether she wants a hot pink custom brace or one she can wear in high heels (which we are collaboratively developing with her), we are with Victoria every step of her journey through life. We do not sell orthotics. We help people achieve their dreams.

Dana's Story

“I can go for long walks, I can fish. I can do the things I like to do. I don’t have to be sitting at home doing nothing,” said Dan, who works as an HVAC technician and enjoys numerous outdoor activities.

“Chris calls from time to time to check on me to make sure everything is going smoothly. It’s made a big difference in my life. Just getting a state of the art leg like this is phenomenal.”

Noting he worked with numerous specialists before meeting both Chris’ at Seacoast Prosthetics, Dan cited a very simple philosophy when asked how he feels about his prosthetic device.

“This leg is mine. She’s my baby. I wear it all the time.”